The Coterie ... Single College Alumni & College Students of All Ages from All Schools announces the 2002 annual

Holiday Party

held near Akron Ohio but always attracting many singles from the Cleveland area ... about half of the participants are usually from the Cleveland area and about half are from the Akron / Canton area.

Kick-off the Holidays with fun, food and new friends!

Saturday, November 23rd, 2002

Note: Dress is Semiformal

We really hope to see you at this once-a-year opportunity!

The fun begins at 3:30 pm at The Tudor House, Franklin Park Civic Center, 655 Latham Lane, Akron. (Maps & directions below)

Call Beth or Philip at 330-336-0421 with questions or email

Please note: Anyone wanting to register later than 7 days before the party should call Philip at 330-336-0421 as soon as possible for ticket availability. If a ticket is available then payment can be made over the phone using a Visa or MasterCard. Please do NOT mail payment later than 7 days prior to the event. Payment over the phone allows us to adjust the numbers for the food catering and other party details during the week before the party. It also gives us the chance to let you know if the party is sold out.

Q & A for the Holiday Party:

Q: "What are the ages of the participants?" A: Since this is The Coterie's LARGEST event, you can expect to meet people throughout a wide age range... ages 20s through 70s. We can't give you the exact age range because not everybody shares their age with us.

Q: "How many people do you expect?" A: We have contracted with the Tudor House and the caterer for 50 people. 50 is our best estimate based on past parties and recent interest in this year's party. The maximum number of people we can have can be adjusted down easier than adjusted up so please get your ticket as soon as possible. We would like to sell-out, but we hate turning people away so please sign-up soon. We think you will be pleased with the general quality of the individuals you will meet at this party. This isn't just another party. It is the biggest event of the year for The Coterie!

Q: "What is the deadline for getting a ticket?" A: This usually depends on what commitment we are working out with the caterer. You just have to call us if this is a concern. It is possible that we could sign somebody up using a credit card as late as Friday if another participant calls in sick and asks us to try to sell their ticket.... but please don't count on that... if you are "signing up late" give Philip or Beth a call ASAP at 330-336-0421 and have your own ticket waiting for you at the door. If you have not mailed payment before 7 days prior to the party, please call for ticket availability.

Q: "What is the schedule?" A: If you have a tight schedule on the day of the party then please attend what portion of the party you can. Roughly the schedule is:

Q: "What is "semi-formal" attire?" A: The answer may depend on who you talk to. If you want an excuse to expand your wardrobe... go for it. However, you probably already have something that will be fine. The men usually ask this question. Men usually wear a suit or a sport coat and dress slacks. Men can even get by with a nice sweater but always wear a tie.

Q: "Is there a car-pool to the party from a location near me?" A: If you would like to participate in a car-pool, please sign-up as early as possible and let us know that you would like to car pool. Chances are we can link you up with someone close to you but many people prefer to drive separate so they can have total control over their evening's schedule especially during the busy holiday season.

Q "I'm a non-member. Can I join now to get the member rate for the party?" A: Yes. You can pay for both a membership and the party (at the member rate) in one check if you like. If you are going to the party anyway, it's like getting the membership at a major discount. And if you get your membership now, you'll be eligible for the party at the membership rate next year at this time too.

Q "Why do we call this a Holiday Party?" A: Okay... nobody really asks this question but many people refer to this party as the "Christmas Party". It makes a nice Christmas Party but we call it a Holiday Party. This party is just a nice, special event to celebrate the holiday season regardless of personal religious beliefs and to celebrate the on-going existence of The Coterie... since 1985! This party has become a tradition for the group and people seem to make a special effort to attend especially if they were too busy during the year to attend normal Coterie outings. So if you have been attending any of the normal Coterie events... or not... you will meet many new people at this party. We hope you come and share a nice time with some new friends. Your participation is what really makes this a special event.

Please bookmark this page if you want to return. There probably is NOT a link to this page from The Coterie's main website so that we can better control the number of people invited to this special event. (If there is a link from the main website... it may or may not disappear if / when the party sells out.) To visit The Coterie website CLICK HERE


The map above will help you find the Tudor House. You will find "Tudor House" signs that will help you from Manchester Road (Rt. 93).

The map below helps party participants get close enough to the party to use the map shown above. This is especially helpful to people coming from the Cleveland and Youngstown areas.

DETAILED DIRECTIONS FROM the CLEVELAND area - probably more than you want to know. If you want the condensed version, just read the underlined portions:

Hope to see you at the party!


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